The Next Health Way

Over a decade ago, we identified the need to improve the existing annual physical model. We have travelled extensively to research breakthrough advances. Now, by putting it together and carefully blending all the components into a unique product like nobody else can, we have created the most complete physical with our personal touch. Dramatic improvements in the annual physical allow us to detect disease at a very early stage, but more importantly, to prevent disease.

These tools were designed to advance longevity by making your DNA biologically younger. This starts with our super programs designed to cleanse, and then rejuvenate your organs. Attention to detail, a personalized physical, restoring cell health, and maintained with custom care; concierge services are all in an effort to achieve your total satisfaction.


Most of the common chronic diseases are age-related. Often times they present after age 50. In many cases people can develop problems even sooner because although their date of birth may reflect one age, their actual cell age (DNA telomere) may be greater. This is a pivotal concept about age and disease. Measuring your telomere (DNA age) and identifying how fast you are aging is essential. At Next Health we apply known procedures and protocols that can slow down and even reverse the biological clock.

Optimal Health

Listening is our secret

If you are part of an executive physical that is sitting at the top, then it’s already old news. 21st century healthcare is too dynamic to only rely on evidence-based medicine. Next Health will surpass the best of the standard of care. You have the opportunity to be part of the revolution in healthcare. Next Health is pioneering what others will copy in 5-10 years.

The Next Health Way

Optimal health incorporates:


The Best Health means the maximum performance of every organ system.

The Next Health Stats

First clinic in the Northeast to еoffer the Telomere blood test
50 Executive program members
32 Cases of fatty liver disease havebeen cured
44 Chronic mono cases that have been cure through vitamin therapy